After being divorced for nearly 27 years, a couple from Cincinnati, Julie Shore and Scott Gaede, decided to tie the knot again. The couple’s daughter, Rachel Gaede, has been documenting their unique love story, which recently went viral. Every aspect of the intimate and emotional ceremony was put together in a matter of just 20 days.

Julie and Scott, both 54, remarried in an intimate ceremony attended only by their two daughters, Rachel and Caroline. The couple and their unique love story had previously gone viral, and last week, their reconciliation story was recounted to Business Insider with exclusive details about their journey back to each other after a series of family tragedies and milestones. The couple also chose their cousin, Cameron, who served as the ring-bearer at their first wedding, to officiate the ceremony. Julie expressed her wish not to have a stranger performing the ceremony, as she envisioned it to be an intimate testament to the resilience of their family, despite the public exposure of their story.

The wedding date was chosen based on the availability of Julie’s hairdresser. Scott proposed to the whole family last Christmas, first asking permission from Julie’s 98-year-old mother, and then giving their daughters their own rings containing stones from Julie’s original engagement ring. Julie initially had thoughts about holding a destination wedding somewhere warm, but after her mother’s health setback and other personal events, she felt a need to formalize their commitment as a family. When her hairdresser reminded her of an appointment on December 28, they quickly decided to hold the wedding on that date.

In recent weeks, they’ve been planning the event in just 20 days, with plans for a larger gathering for the extended family in the future. The ceremony, which took place in the window-filled hallway of a local theater, was deeply emotional. Their daughter Rachel described how everyone shed tears during the touching moment.

In the lead-up to the wedding, Julie’s wedding dress was reminiscent of her first wedding gown but with a shorter, “second wedding vibe.” She chose blue satin mini-dresses for her daughters, with Rachel also doing Julie’s makeup for the big day. After the ceremony, Rachel jokingly mentioned on TikTok that her life was like “The Parent Trap,” a reference to the 1998 film storyline where two daughters scheme to reunite their divorced parents.

The virtual world also showed a lot of support for Julie and Scott with comments like, “This is my royal wedding,” and “Thanks for taking the time to share this journey with us strangers.” The comments were filled with positive emotions, as many people found the story touching and heartwarming.

In conclusion, the journey for Julie and Scott to remarry was full of emotional intensity and heartfelt sentiment, with their daughter Rachel documenting every step. The couple’s love story resonated deeply with people and shed light on the power of love and rekindling lost relationships. The whirlwind wedding planning and moving emotions that surrounded the ceremony created deep connections with people all over. The couple successfully demonstrated love’s ability to navigate the trials of life and stand firm even after nearly three decades.

Article Source: Business Insider